Dancing in the Rain

I’ve been a med student (M1) for 5 full weeks now, but it has felt like 5 full months (mostly in a good way). So there is no possible way I can catch up on everything in one short post. But I’ve missed blogging so much. From here on out, I’m resolving to make a concerted effort to post frequent updates as this long journey ahead unfolds.

When we started our second “sequence” (Cells & Tissues) last Monday I was excited to find a little note from my sweet M2 “MedSib” in my mailbox at school, accompanied by some delicious chocolate.

 photo (84)

Inside, she shared that this quote sums up her view of med school. It instantly resonated with me.


Medical school is often compared to drinking from a fire hose or drinking the ocean through a straw, (there are a lot more analogies…like eating five pancakes a day for four years, apparently). These analogies are better than any I could come up with. But I could probably contribute different versions of the analogies for going through medical school as a parent. Perhaps, the following:

Drinking from a fire hose while changing an entire landfill of poopy diapers on a thrashing toddler who is trying to escape, while also folding laundry that continuously shoots out of the dryer with your feet.


Drinking the ocean through a straw while singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” on repeat and wiping a never-ending snotty nose ‘waterfall’ with all of the parts of all of the clothes you are wearing.

I am being a bit dramatic…it has really been awesome! I love being back in school and I love being a mom. I can’t imagine anything else. And doing both simultaneously is totally do-able, for now at least. Michigan is tough, but also super flexible so I have been able to work my butt off during the week, take my weekly “flextime” quiz/exam on Friday, and have the entire weekend off to spend time with family and friends. And with a pass/fail structure for the first two years, there is far less pressure than there would otherwise be.


Since water is the theme, I should mention that we have had our fair share of rain lately. A storm on Friday blew out our power for two full days. And it seemed like every other day I picked up Ben from daycare in the past few weeks it was pouring. Last weekend we went to a family party in a gorgeous backyard and a storm rolled in suddenly and soaked us all through and through. But Benjamin kept playing in the rain while we all took shelter:


I love to learn life lessons from my little man. He is always delighted by these storms, and his glee is infectious. He loves the feeling of rain on his skin and seems amazed that water could be falling from the sky. Let’s think about it for a minute. Water. Falls. From the sky. Water…that thing that we drink, that thing that keeps all the proteins folded up properly in our body, that thing that we use for just about every possible function of life. It just FALLS from the sky. If you are one, this is the most mind-boggling, awesome thing. It should still be that way for us when we are ten, and 29, and 92. Don’t you think?

Ben Getting Wet

Maybe Benjamin will be a scuba dive instructor or a marine biologist on account of his love for water. Or maybe this is all just a reminder that I need to sign him up for a swim class this fall.

P.S. Please take 2 extra minutes out of your day to watch this little ladybug discover rain. You will not regret it.


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