Haha, Wave, E-I-E-I-O, Blankie: The Life of a 15 month old

So I was writing a post and then I tried to upload a photo, and CRASH BANG BOOM… Post deleted.

I’m not crying over spilled milk, because what’s the point? No time to re-write because I’ve already procrastinated studying long enough, so here are the highlights in very concise prose. It’s probably better this way anyways.

1. Ben laughs. A lot.

2. Ben waves for everything now. Waving response time has also markedly decreased. No longer do we wave when we are in the car, five minutes after saying goodbye to someone. Progress! 🙂

3. Adorable rendition of the E-I-E-I-O part of Old McDonald:

4. Ben loves blankie. Nana made new copies of blankie with different (but similar fabric). Ben detests them. Sad. We are going to work on transforming his blatant discrimination toward certain blankie races in the coming weeks. Because seriously… look at that disgusting corner he sticks in his mouth (bottom right).

photo (86)

And finally, some accolades to my other man:

1. John turned 31! We celebrated á la Chop House. It was weird being back there 7+ years after our last b-day celebration there in college.

photo (85)

2. One of John’s recent research study’s caught some 15-minutes-of-fame press coverage today! Wooo! Check it out HERE or HERE!   … And update (9/30): Here too!


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