Brain Explosion

At one of our many Christmas gatherings at Grandpa’s house, Benjamin decided he would figure out how to say Grandpa, Cameron, and Daniel all in one evening. (Daniel is pretty clear in the video below, but he still needs to work on Cameron a bit.) Also, I didn’t prompt him to say Grandpa, but his pronunciation is hilarious. I’ll try to catch it on camera later this week.

BenBen (or “din din” as he calls himself) is going through such a major cognitive leap and has become quite a chatty guy, but he has also had some pretty major meltdowns lately too…sometimes even several times per day. They can be triggered by nothing at all and he usually just needs to cuddle and hug his blankie for several minutes to help ease his mind. While some of it can be chalked up to a generally crazy winter break frenzy of activities, new people, and jumping from place to place, I think it is mostly a product of his brain explosion. With all these new words and ideas he is learning, I honestly think that the neurons in his little head are just making connections at an exponential rate and sometimes it just overwhelms him.


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