up & down the stairs

Two times on weekdays that consistently fill me with so much joy are walking UP the stairs to get Benjamin out of his crib in the morning, and walking DOWN the stairs at his daycare to pick him up.

Most mornings he is sitting up or standing quietly in his crib waiting to start the day. The first thing he says when I walk in is usually either, “All done” (with sleepytime, that is) or “Down” (as in, let’s go downstairs).  Occasionally he says HI and it’s such a pleasant surprise.

Before I went to get him up, I recorded these videos from his monitor. The first one is all “mama dada mama dada mama dada” in case you can’t understand what he is saying.

Just ignore those creepy evil baby eyes from the night-vision monitor there at the end.

I think I would climb stairs up and down for all of eternity to see this beautiful kid each day!


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