These are the things I like to do…

Eat apples whole:

photo (94)

Play Doctor:

photo (90)

Smell different spices:

photo (91)

Fly Helicopters:

Read to my baby doll:

photo (93)

Help with laundry:

photo (97)

Sort things (like old candy):

photo (99)

Try new things (especially sweet things, like suckers!):

photo (98)

Read in my chair:

photo (100)

Watch Elmo and Baby Einstein Puppets:


And finally… my first 3-word sentence came out yesterday: “Baby Aahna, come!”  We were talking about seeing our friends who have a baby named Aahna and Ben got quite excited, so he replaced “Toby, come” (the usual command) with Aahna’s name.

Later in the day he followed this with a 4-word sentence! “Mama, you pick it.” (referring to me choosing the last bedtime story).


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