Infinite Patience.


The past few days I’ve notice myself get internally so frustrated by the ridiculousness of having a toddler. Don’t get me wrong–there are a zillion beautiful and hilarious and adorable moments packed into every single day. But increasingly, every minute transition of the day must be mapped out with a practically clairvoyant anticipation of the triggers to manage in order to avoid atomic bomb meltdowns.

Ben has become an expert at what I think I should call The Big Flop–a floppy, limp tantrum punctuated by random flailing of limbs, head, etc. He will inevitably get hurt when he hits whatever floor surface or nearby wall/furniture. And of course, this just adds fuel to the fire.

Unfortunately, the latest addition to these toddler storms of emotion is hitting.

On Tuesday, I got whacked directly in the left eyeball by our son. For a split second, I thought I might go blind.

…learning that parenting demands infinite patience.


and that it’s important to have patience with myself as I grow into the new role of a mom with a toddler.




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