Home is made up of…

So I’ve started to write about the chaos of life for the past month, but here is a better summary in as few words as I can possibly consolidate it into (via list):

  • Concluded a time-consuming search for a home to buy (we’ve been looking since February!) with one final, expensive “strike out” on a house we had under contract. Way too many major issues came up during inspection. (Curse you, Ann Arbor real estate!)
  • Finished M1 year
  • Battled 3 different illnesses in < 3 weeks (flu, stomach flu, upper respiratory infection)
  • Packed up a house, lived with a bunch of kind people (friends & fam) for 10 days, moved into a new rental (Fitting with the theme: our movers were unreachable on the day of the move, then showed up 5 hours late, one of the two almost had to drop out from sickness/exhaustion, & they didn’t finish the job until 11pm. Lovely)
  • Helped family for several days to prepare and throw a graduation party for little bro
  • Scrambling to catch up on what was supposed to be 2 full weeks of research time in just a few afternoons
  • Taking over most Ben responsibilities while John ramps up studying for the bar (he will have his turn next year when I am studying for Step 1)

Now I am fully devoted to spending time unpacking  trying to make our home a little more stable and uncluttered. No…cluttered would be a drastic understatement. It looks like an episode of Hoarders. I even have this video to prove it:


The thing I’ve learned though is this:  I look around and wish for a home back. And yet, the longer the stuff we have is sealed in boxes & the higher and higher the piles of clutter get….the stronger and fiercer and more protective I become as a mother. I am acutely aware of how this is impacting our little one, but I have realized that our home is made up of our words, our hearts, our laughter, and our love. If nothing else, this crazy move and this unrelenting moment of transition and in life has reminded me of that.



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