CSA Wk 1

We are up to our ears in vegetables here. We decided to share a bushel CSA box with friends Erika & John (who have done this before, I should add) for 12 weeks. A newbie to this, I don’t think I knew exactly what we were in for. Our refrigerator has turned GREEN!

CSA Wk 1

So much healthy food to cram in our bellies, but so little time. Only
7 days until the next deluge of plant matter invades our fridge.

And what the heck do you do with Swiss chard?  Thank goodness for google. I couldn’t even figure out what was what in this box without it.  Armed with just the list of contents, I thought the fennel was dill and the red-green onions were ridicchio.

I’m already stoked about being forced to expand my veggie repetoire.  Goal: waste nothing. Outlook: unlikely.

But feeling optimistic.

First salad w/ mixed greens & radicchio:

CSA Wk 1 SaladThink I might have to start super-sizing the salads…


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