Two Peas in a Pod

Aivry and Ben are two peas in a pod. (You might remember when they first met). They’ve always been good at giving hugs…but last weekend they reached a new level of adorable toddlerhood friendship when they decided it was a good idea to hold hands on the hike back from the river:

And a fun time throwing rocks into the river:

Fonda came to visit last weekend (here we are by the river)…you know you have a dear friend when they are willing to drive 8 hours through ridiculous traffic to see you. LOVE YOU FONZ!!! And another dear friend when they are willing to walk their 8+ month pregnant self all the way down to the river (and all around town) with no complaints. LOVE YOU JENNA!


In addition to drinking up the yummy Milwaukee beer and coffee Fonda brought, we went to White Lotus Farms (goats, music, ice cream, fun!), played around the River @ the Arb, walked around downtown and toured campus, and enjoyed some AM breakfasting @ Afternoon Delight.

It was quite a wonderful way to pass time as Ben and I were evicted from the house so John could have his final few days of quiet for bar studying (speaking of… in about 2 hour he will have finished the 2-day Bar Exam…HAPPY DANCE!!!)





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