4 Funny Things

  1. John and Ben were at the Hands On Museum on Saturday while I took my quiz. John texted me this picture with “Working on a tough orgo problem set.”  (made me really laugh out loud)

IMG_7672 (1)

2. Saturday morning. On the laptop in his diaper. Concentrating hard.

3. Tonight I finally hung our pictures in our living room and Ben was my little helper. I was holding a nail in my mouth while hammering and when Ben noticed the nail, this was our exchange.

Ben: “No Mommy, don’t do that. That will be a timeout.”

Me: “You’re right, I shouldn’t hold a nail in my mouth.” (trying to hold down laughter)

Ben: “Ok Mommy. 1-2-3.”  (We count during his timeouts.) Then after a pause:  “Mommy, why did you get a timeout?” (We always ask him this question when the timeout ends.)

Me: “I was doing something dangerous.”

Ben: “That’s right. Don’t do it again.”

4. On a walk this weekend, Ben and Daddy stopped at a construction site at a park near our house to watch the work going on. Ben was so excited but he was sad and upset when the work stopped for a minute while the dump truck unloaded. Apparently, after Ben analyzed the situation to figure out who was to blame for the work stopping, he pointed to one of the workers and said, “And he’s not doing his job.”





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