StormStruck & Strawberries

Today my inbox dropped an entertaining email update: someone is publishing “Stormstruck,” a book about the northern Michigan storm that happened on Aug 2nd, 2015. Check it the description of the book HERE.  Looks entertaining (for exactly NO ONE except those affected, perhaps? haha!)


I wrote about this adventure already (full post here) but for a brief synopsis: Our 7th Anniversary fell on Aug 2nd and we stole away to the Homestead in Glen Arbor, MI–the first time we’d been back since getting engaged there 8 years prior. (In fact, it was the first trip of ANY kind we’ve planned for our anniversary…sad!) Within hours of our arrival the storm hit, we took shelter, and we got to experience the chaotic aftermath as the resort tried to handle things. We escaped later that night once at least one route out was finally cleared, and we somehow made it back in good spirits. Instead of a romantic anniversary trip, we got an interesting adventure to tell. And now a coffee table book to illustrate?

TOTALLY unrelated: I splurged and bought strawberries today…one of Ben’s favorite foods. Since they’re not in season (and thus not on sale) it’s been MONTHS since he’s had them. It reminded me to go back and look at these pics from last April. 🙂


Who would have known that a strawberry-stained potbelly could win a girl’s heart?




Bumblebees in the House

For a few months now, Benjamin has been saying “Nooo more bumblebees in the house.” It’s become sort of like a tic he has. He even says it in his dreams. For awhile we worried that he was afraid of bees, but after interrogating him about this a number of times, this isn’t the case. We’re pretty sure he is just fascinated with them. Sometimes his “No more bumblebees…” comment is followed by a discussion about where the bumblebee went. (FYI: he went out to nap in the grass where it is cozy because he was very sleepy).

This silly, adorable little thing stems from when we had a few bees in the house shortly after moving in. They were nearly dead bees so we just found them on the ground or floundering around near the windows. It was over within a few days and we suspected they were holed up  in one of our moving boxes that had been stored in a garage for the past year. Anyway, the incident was very memorable for our little guy.

Here’s Ben earlier this week when we went to a cider mill with some good friends. (there were lots of bees!…or perhaps wasps? that was the debate you’ll overhear my friends having in the video…):

And here is a throwback to earlier this summer when John and Ben played our classic BUMBLEBEE BUMBLEBEE BZZZZZ game. (This is really a family heirloom as my grandpa used to do this with us as kids.) 🙂

On another note: neither Ben nor I have ever been stung… perhaps it’s only a matter of time?

Down by the River

In the past few days, we’ve had our fair share of struggles and strife…to be expected with a toddler in the house, I suppose. But it’s been a bit demoralizing. I haven’t quite processed things enough yet to recount our tales of woe with any clarity–though I probably will at some point soon, as writing is my therapy. But right now I just want to soak up the joy of our walk yesterday evening one more time. These were the pictures of our great kid, who loves the outdoors, obsesses over sticks, admires the simple beauty of leaves, and is thrilled at the simple sight of kayakers floating down the river.BenAtRiver

We are so blessed to have him infusing our days with energy.




Daddy Ate His Hands

IMG_7843Overheard at dinner:  “Daddy ate his hands.”

When we finally stopped laughing, we corrected Ben:  “You meant to say,’Daddy ate WITH his hands.'”

Reminded us of this old classic:


We are making more of an effort to have somewhat consistent family dinners, despite the rush of evenings. It’s so relaxing to all sit down together and just enjoy the little moments that make life with a 2 year old endlessly entertaining. Here is Ben serenading us at dinner today and getting quite goofy when he discovers he can sing a song in a whisper voice. (warning: almost 2 minutes long!)