Bumblebees in the House

For a few months now, Benjamin has been saying “Nooo more bumblebees in the house.” It’s become sort of like a tic he has. He even says it in his dreams. For awhile we worried that he was afraid of bees, but after interrogating him about this a number of times, this isn’t the case. We’re pretty sure he is just fascinated with them. Sometimes his “No more bumblebees…” comment is followed by a discussion about where the bumblebee went. (FYI: he went out to nap in the grass where it is cozy because he was very sleepy).

This silly, adorable little thing stems from when we had a few bees in the house shortly after moving in. They were nearly dead bees so we just found them on the ground or floundering around near the windows. It was over within a few days and we suspected they were holed up  in one of our moving boxes that had been stored in a garage for the past year. Anyway, the incident was very memorable for our little guy.

Here’s Ben earlier this week when we went to a cider mill with some good friends. (there were lots of bees!…or perhaps wasps? that was the debate you’ll overhear my friends having in the video…):

And here is a throwback to earlier this summer when John and Ben played our classic BUMBLEBEE BUMBLEBEE BZZZZZ game. (This is really a family heirloom as my grandpa used to do this with us as kids.) 🙂

On another note: neither Ben nor I have ever been stung… perhaps it’s only a matter of time?


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