StormStruck & Strawberries

Today my inbox dropped an entertaining email update: someone is publishing “Stormstruck,” a book about the northern Michigan storm that happened on Aug 2nd, 2015. Check it the description of the book HERE.  Looks entertaining (for exactly NO ONE except those affected, perhaps? haha!)


I wrote about this adventure already (full post here) but for a brief synopsis: Our 7th Anniversary fell on Aug 2nd and we stole away to the Homestead in Glen Arbor, MI–the first time we’d been back since getting engaged there 8 years prior. (In fact, it was the first trip of ANY kind we’ve planned for our anniversary…sad!) Within hours of our arrival the storm hit, we took shelter, and we got to experience the chaotic aftermath as the resort tried to handle things. We escaped later that night once at least one route out was finally cleared, and we somehow made it back in good spirits. Instead of a romantic anniversary trip, we got an interesting adventure to tell. And now a coffee table book to illustrate?

TOTALLY unrelated: I splurged and bought strawberries today…one of Ben’s favorite foods. Since they’re not in season (and thus not on sale) it’s been MONTHS since he’s had them. It reminded me to go back and look at these pics from last April. 🙂


Who would have known that a strawberry-stained potbelly could win a girl’s heart?




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