An Obsessed Fan

Somehow our decision to teach Ben to sing “Hail to the Victors” has progressed into insane fandom. Ben is obsessed with Michigan, Coach Harbaugh, making touchdowns, and especially the marching band (most importantly, the drum major). He requests repeat youtube viewings of the band’s halftime shows, the flyovers before the games, and gets insanely excited if he gets to watch a game with us on the weekend.  At night he is often chattering away in bed about all things Michigan related, and he randomly bursts into “Hail, to the Victors” at many random points throughout the day.  It is pretty hilarious!

Here is the little drum major at the park with Daddy this afternoon:

Here is his bedtime through the monitor talking about the “arm pump” (Daddy taught him to raise his arm in the air as you do each time you say HAIL in the song)

I think I’ll do the arm pump too. I think Coach Harbaugh will do the arm pump. Mommy and Daddy and Coach Harbaugh will do the arm pump and Mommy and Daddy will say YEA! Toby likes to play with tennis balls and I like to play with my toys.

One more featuring the arm pump itself… a little long, but pretty funny (please ignore the messy house):



No Thank You, Halloween!


Ben enjoyed some aspects of Halloween…he loved carving a pumpkin-especially playing with the “guts,” he had a blast “practicing” trick-or-treating, and he loved reading all of his Halloween books on repeat.

But he flat out boycotted some of the key elements.  Trick or treating with his friend Aivry was mostly a bust. He did make it up to the first door and successfully whispered thank you after getting his candy, but for the next 6 houses, he was too shy and timid and worried to get up to the front door. It was both adorable and quite sad. He’s a cautious little guy, but we love him through and through. The other struggle for Ben was joining in for his daycare Halloween parade. He preferred to sit and watch from the sidelines.

One victory though, at least a partial one, was overcoming his dread for wearing his Halloween costume. He had a dinosaur costume that he was terrified of, but the day before Halloween he finally decided to put it on! (We had a backup firefighter suit lined up…so we never really pushed the dinosaur, it was his choice!). And on Halloween he was pretty stoked to wear the dinosaur, from the neck down at least. The hat/mask part was a non-negotiable “no thank you.”

My brother Patrick was kind enough to come down to hang out for the weekend and also babysit for two nights in a row!  The first night we went out to dinner to celebrate John’s passing of the Bar (OH YEA, BY THE WAY, JOHN PASSED THE BAR!!!!) The second night we joined friends at a Halloween party where we dressed as the most popular costume in Ann Arbor this year–Coach Harbaugh (John) and a disheveled, depressed Michigan fan who now qualifies for clinical depression two weeks after the devastating loss to MSU (Kate, who really just wanted an excuse to wear pajamas all evening). Patrick joined for trick or treating with the little people, dressed up as Sid but we forgot to take a group picture!!! I can assure you, we all looked pretty stellar and John and I did manage to snap one at the end of the party later on: