Where I spend 12 hours a day.



I’m trying to remember that someday soon I’ll wish I could just have another one of these days at home… run 100% by my own schedule. Waking up and going to work in pajamas, luxuriating over breakfast and coffee at any time of the morning, and being accountable to no one else but myself…. these are all things I am trying to appreciate. Soon enough I’ll have days where there are 12 hours of pure chaos…mind-boggling patient care…following orders…feeling clueless most of the time. And I will miss this, I think.


Easter Egg Dreams

My brain has never been so full. Every night when I wake up, which is multiple times now–here in this 3rd trimester, I awake only to realize that my dreams are centered around consolidation of information…which is pretty cool, and pathetic at the same time.  I’m trying to embrace this though… only 25 days left to study!  Today my challenge is understanding anemia, and other blood disorders, inside-outside-upside-down.


All of the info is being stored in my brain somewhere, the real challenge is whether I can FIND all the places the bits of information are HIDING in there on April 25th. Sort of like Ben finding Easter eggs during his egg hunt on Sunday. All the adults (quite enthusiastically) giving him clues are like all the interconnections and webs I’m trying to build in my brain.

Ok, the analogy is a little bit of a stretch.  Back to anemias.

Grandparents are the greatest.

Another weekend with Nana and Papa for Ben. He was so excited, as usual. And it appears he is having a blast from all of the pictures I have gotten.  In the 6 weeks of study period, Ben will be at one of his grandparent’s houses for at least half of the weekends, if not more. Thank goodness I get lots of pictures or I wouldn’t survive. I also would not pass this test if it weren’t for their support and love, so THANK YOU Nana, Papa, Grammy, and Grandpa!

Easter egg science:


Baking with Nana….bread pudding, chocolate chip muffins… yum!


Non-stop fun:


Hippo Surprise!!!

We finally announced that we’re expecting number 2 on Facebook at the end of February… I was already 23 or 24 weeks, so a little late in the game… Here was the post:

A few weeks ago, we asked Ben, “Do you think you are going to have a baby brother or a baby sister?”
Ben: “Hmmm…(carefully considering)… a baby HIPPOPOTAMUS!”
I guess this is the official announcement that we’re welcoming a new little hippo into our family at the end of June!

So, in light of this little one in my tummy now being referred to only as The Hippo, last week some of my amazing friends surprised me with a Hippo-themed shower/celebration, at a party that was intended for other purposes (the amazing Med Student Grand Rounds 1 yr b-day bash… MSGR is this awesome org started by my super-talented friend Daniel, but I digress…).

Sneaky Erika asked me to help surprise our friend Rachel for her engagement, so just when I was pretty pumped to be a part of the surprisERS, a whole bunch of friends who had snuck in unbeknownst to me, yelled SURPRISE from their hideout in a raquetball court, of all places.  It took me a really long time to realize that I was the surprisEE. When I finally re-read the signs they were holding “Congrats, It’s a Hippo!” I slowly (probably painfully slowly) put two and two together. I must have looked really concerned, like a dear in headlights, for awhile. Haha!

The whole thing was SO unexpected and sweet (I mean, who gets a shower after their first pregnancy!?). My favorite gift of all was the hippo cake that someone special (Rachel) made.


Ben enjoyed taking home all EIGHT balloons and eating FIVE cookies. He woke up a few times through the night complaining of feeling sick and I swear he was going to throw up, but thank goodness they made it through his little tummy without coming back up.

Walking Toby

The HIGHLIGHT of my day during this study period so far (3 days in…) is taking an early evening walk with Benjamin and Toby.  This video was actually from a walk that John and Ben took last week, but variations of this adorableness happen every single day:

Spring: Time for Sticks!

I usually count Daylight Savings Time (Spring forward!) as the start of Spring, even though it’s not officially.  So does this little man, who is in heaven with all the warm weather.

Can you tell he likes sticks?


Note: Bottom right picture we call the “Great Grandpa Bob” pic.  His goofy face looks just like John’s grandpa!