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Boards/Step 1 study period officially begins a week from today. I’m getting more sleep than ever, but studying still makes me so sleepy at certain points throughout the day. For the entirety of this pregnancy I’ve been generous with myself, allowing at least one nap each day. However, lately I’ve been unable to wake myself until I’ve slept for at least an hour or more. (Normally I’m a great 15 min. power-napper!) So I’ve decided to banish naps altogether until this study period is over! If I’m getting plenty of sleep at night, there’s just no way I can afford a 1+ hour nap daily!

In an effort to banish naps, I’ve decided to interject VERY short breaks in my studying that will jerk my brain awake, give it a break, and keep me sane by thinking of things unrelated to medicine. So one of those breaks will be writing (VERY short) blog posts. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been regularly posting… so what better time than now?

For today…

Last Tuesday we had our Michigan primary. Ben joined me to go vote after I picked him up from day care. On the way to our polling place…

Me: Voting is when grown ups all get to decide who will be the next President. The paper I fill out will ask: “Which person does Mommy think will be the best leader?”

Ben: Me!

…after I finally stopped laughing…

Me: Well only grown ups can be the President, and you have to be a grown up to vote too. But when you grow up *someday* you can definitely vote or even try to become the President.

Ben: Is it *Sunday* yet?



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