We finally took a weekend family trip to Chicago (2 weekends ago now!). Ben had a total blast… On the way there, he was overheard in the car saying all of the following hilarious or adorable things at various points:

“Mom, I think we’re going to have a WAY FUN trip to Chicago.”

Dropping off Toby at PetSmart (for boarding) on the way out of town:  “I think there’s a scary tiger in there.” (we had been talking about the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo that we might see…)

“My tummy hurts.” and… “If I go in the car all the way to Chicago, I might have to go to the doctor.”  (Ben has been more prone to getting car-sick lately…luckily he made it just fine without another car puking episode.)

“I’m going to be SOOO sad when we leave Chicago.”

“After I have a baby sister, will I have a baby hippopotamus?”

And this priceless one was in a Target dressing room (we stopped to buy me a bathing suit since I forgot mine):  “Mom, I just noticed that you have TWO BELLY BUTTONS.” (referring to my nipples)… the giggles coming from the adjacent dressing rooms confirmed that our neighbors thought this was pretty hilarious too. [Needless to say, we had a little female anatomy lesson right then and there].

And now some photo memories:

Bath “swimming” at the hotel. (the real pool was way too cold!):


A morning of walking around at the zoo made us VERY hungry, and then VERY tired:

Smoothie and Nap in Chi

Putting out all the fires at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier:


Ben and Oliver. Two peas in a pod:


At Maggie Daley Park…simply the coolest park ever!

At the Museum of Science and Industry…


And my favorite pictures, from the Bean (Cloudgate):


BenDadBean BenBean BenMomBean BenMonkeyBean

We miss you Chicago!




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