Easter Egg Dreams

My brain has never been so full. Every night when I wake up, which is multiple times now–here in this 3rd trimester, I awake only to realize that my dreams are centered around consolidation of information…which is pretty cool, and pathetic at the same time.  I’m trying to embrace this though… only 25 days left to study!  Today my challenge is understanding anemia, and other blood disorders, inside-outside-upside-down.


All of the info is being stored in my brain somewhere, the real challenge is whether I can FIND all the places the bits of information are HIDING in there on April 25th. Sort of like Ben finding Easter eggs during his egg hunt on Sunday. All the adults (quite enthusiastically) giving him clues are like all the interconnections and webs I’m trying to build in my brain.

Ok, the analogy is a little bit of a stretch.  Back to anemias.


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