Almost There!

Only 2 days of studying left!

Inspired by this little guy to keep turning the pages…keep reading…keep reviewing…keep studying… even when I’m sitting on the toilet.. Ok I haven’t gone that far. But I am listening to Goljian review on audio while brushing my teeth at this point. Every moment counts now.


He keeps me going.

Feeling a bit demoralized after a few bad practice tests in a row. But at least I have some cute (and silly) gentlemen to cheer me up:




Trying to channel this level of concentration, despite feeling so crummy:


Hiccup Tummy

Baby girl has been getting the hiccups a several times a day now. It’s such an odd feeling for me, and I can’t help but wonder if it bothers her. Ben got tons of hiccup episodes outside the womb, when he was tiny guy, but I don’t ever recall him hiccuping in utero like this. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have hiccups when you’re “underwater” … the version in my head seems unpleasant.

In the past few days Ben has initiated a lot of pretend play around being sick and going to the hospital… he’s playing doctor! Can you imagine my excitement!? We saw the UM Survival Flight helicopters flying overhead a few days ago on a walk and he had lots of questions about them; perhaps that was the prompt for this game? Anyway, he was playing doctor with his animals and then he pretended to be the sick one and wanted me listen to his heart, for like the first time ever. (He would never sit still when I used to try long ago…)

Our little Ben has also been more aware and expressive of how he’s feeling and curious about how his body works. Yesterday, at dinner, he wanted to look down at his belly after every bite to see if it got bigger. “It’s SOOO big now, see!?” he kept saying. It was SOOO FUNNY!  Of course, I had to brag to him that my tummy was bigger. So after dinner we both got our tummies out to check. Mine won. 🙂



Don’t move away friends!

I had lunch with my dear friend Jenna today…such a nice study break!

We’re moving into the house they’ve been renting in July (they’ll be moving back to Chicago). It makes me so sad to see them go, but we’re excited to visit them in Chicago…and we will force them come back to Ann Arbor to visit their old house.

Ben will really miss his lil friend Aivry. They’ve been two peas in a pod right out of the womb. I just discovered these gems, from back on a day when they played in a park together. Their little bodies are just so round and hilarious next to each other, aren’t they!?



One more throwback picture of me and my chunky little round man. I think this was from apple picking with Jenna, Paul and Aivry…Ben was probably just over a year old here.


Maize and Blue, Through & Through

John took Benjamin to his first Big House game, for the Spring game last Friday. He LOVED every moment of it! Apparently, at the end, some kids had special tickets to go onto the field. Ben was heartbroken and sobbing that he didn’t have him a ticket.


Here he is singing along perfectly with the crowd, to his favorite marching band tune. 🙂

Ben’s “B”

I just found a draft of this old blog entry in my WordPress folder of drafts…from July when Ben was barely 2:


Benjamin has a serious love for drawing… he’s gotten very obsessed with drawing spirals/circles and trying to make other shapes lately:


So yesterday, just for kicks, I asked, “Can you make the letter B?” And look what this little smarty did!!!

IMG_7326 (1)

Sugar Buzz


Nothing like chugging 50g of glucose to keep you awake and alert while studying…#sugarbuzz

Off I go to take my oral glucose tolerance test. I think I will ace this test. I just wish my Step 1 test were as easy as getting my blood drawn.

Two other funny things that have kept me amused while putting in these long hours…

  1. Ben has been into the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (the new Mr. Roger’s) lately. The latest episode he has watched (and re-watched several times!) is about dealing with transitions and being ok when it’s time to finish something you were enjoying. All the parents pick up their kids and sing this line, “It’s almost time to STOP, so pick ONE MORE THING to do.”   I keep finding myself singing that when I am almost out of time to finish something on my list to cover. It’s hard to move on when you don’t really feel like you’ve totally mastered or memorized something, but it’s reality for this test. There’s no way on earth you can know everything. Thanks Daniel Tiger for helping me remember that this is ok.  Now get that dumb song out of my head!!!
  2. I discovered this one awhile ago, but just thought about it again today… Starting a few weeks ago, I began re-introducing coffee, after about 6 months of caffeine-free life. It’s been helpful to keep me alert, and I only have one cup a day. But ironically, I looked up caffeine limit recommendations in my pregnancy book they give you at THE HOSPITAL on your first prenatal visit, and they say you can have UP TO SIX CUPS A DAY! What!?!? The scientific evidence on effects of caffeine on babies is lacking, but most doctors say 1-2 cups max per day. This book is nuts. It makes me wonder what proportion of the population is actually drinking 6 cups a day. And are they all the pregnant ones who read this book? Hah!