The longest stretch

Benjamin will be up at Grammy’s and Nana’s for a full week and I can’t even think about how I’m going to make it through this. I’ve never been apart from him for so long. I built in a half-day off of studying in order to spend time with him before he left (around 4pm), but now I’m feeling way too exhausted to crack open First Aid, so here I am on the blog.

Ben was up late last night after a his first trip with Dad to the Big House for the Spring game, so his sleep was thrown off… at 4am he stumbled into our room to join us in bed. I didn’t sleep much after that. He is the WORST bed companion! At one point he was laying his head on my huge tummy and I had to convince him it wasn’t okay to have his head and the baby all on top of me because I couldn’t breath. At another point when I was finally drifting off, I realized that what I thought was his arm stroking my face was really his feet, tapping my face repeatedly. Somehow he had spun all the way around with all his tossing and turning.

I finally gave up on sleep a few hours later. Ben thought that sitting on the potty would be a good excuse to convince me to let him out of bed, so this was what 6am looked like… (I snuck back into bed for a few peaceful minutes while he read stories).


Despite his sleepless night, he was a sweetheart all morning and we had a great day.

And then he sputtered out…here he was knocked out in my arms at 3pm:


It’s been awhile since I’ve rocked him to sleep. Today was the perfect day for it. I stared at his angelic face for so long trying to soak up every part of it… somehow it must last me for an entire week.


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