Sugar Buzz


Nothing like chugging 50g of glucose to keep you awake and alert while studying…#sugarbuzz

Off I go to take my oral glucose tolerance test. I think I will ace this test. I just wish my Step 1 test were as easy as getting my blood drawn.

Two other funny things that have kept me amused while putting in these long hours…

  1. Ben has been into the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (the new Mr. Roger’s) lately. The latest episode he has watched (and re-watched several times!) is about dealing with transitions and being ok when it’s time to finish something you were enjoying. All the parents pick up their kids and sing this line, “It’s almost time to STOP, so pick ONE MORE THING to do.”   I keep finding myself singing that when I am almost out of time to finish something on my list to cover. It’s hard to move on when you don’t really feel like you’ve totally mastered or memorized something, but it’s reality for this test. There’s no way on earth you can know everything. Thanks Daniel Tiger for helping me remember that this is ok.  Now get that dumb song out of my head!!!
  2. I discovered this one awhile ago, but just thought about it again today… Starting a few weeks ago, I began re-introducing coffee, after about 6 months of caffeine-free life. It’s been helpful to keep me alert, and I only have one cup a day. But ironically, I looked up caffeine limit recommendations in my pregnancy book they give you at THE HOSPITAL on your first prenatal visit, and they say you can have UP TO SIX CUPS A DAY! What!?!? The scientific evidence on effects of caffeine on babies is lacking, but most doctors say 1-2 cups max per day. This book is nuts. It makes me wonder what proportion of the population is actually drinking 6 cups a day. And are they all the pregnant ones who read this book? Hah!

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