Hiccup Tummy

Baby girl has been getting the hiccups a several times a day now. It’s such an odd feeling for me, and I can’t help but wonder if it bothers her. Ben got tons of hiccup episodes outside the womb, when he was tiny guy, but I don’t ever recall him hiccuping in utero like this. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have hiccups when you’re “underwater” … the version in my head seems unpleasant.

In the past few days Ben has initiated a lot of pretend play around being sick and going to the hospital… he’s playing doctor! Can you imagine my excitement!? We saw the UM Survival Flight helicopters flying overhead a few days ago on a walk and he had lots of questions about them; perhaps that was the prompt for this game? Anyway, he was playing doctor with his animals and then he pretended to be the sick one and wanted me listen to his heart, for like the first time ever. (He would never sit still when I used to try long ago…)

Our little Ben has also been more aware and expressive of how he’s feeling and curious about how his body works. Yesterday, at dinner, he wanted to look down at his belly after every bite to see if it got bigger. “It’s SOOO big now, see!?” he kept saying. It was SOOO FUNNY!  Of course, I had to brag to him that my tummy was bigger. So after dinner we both got our tummies out to check. Mine won. 🙂




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