M3 Wk 1 Peds

I’m a week into my first rotation of M3 year (Pediatrics, which is 6 wks long) before maternity leave begins, and hoping I can make it to the end in one piece. So far I am loving it so much and learning a ton, but it’s also kicking my behind. I can’t recall the last time in my life that I’ve been so tired. I’m sure being 34 weeks pregnant is responsible for much of it, but I’m also not getting enough sleep for having to wake up around 5:30am. And the clinical world just demands way more energy than than the pre-clinical years, when studying all day was the only expectation much of the time.  It’s hard to imagine how I will do this with a 3-year-old AND a newborn when I return to the wards in late August. But somehow I will…

For most of these next 6 weeks I will just dump some photos or videos on the blog because that’s about all I’ll have the time or energy for. So here goes for Wk 1:

From a walk on Mother’s Day last weekend:

000 Mothers Day walk.jpg

Ben’s latest drawings… The scribbles on the right are usually the final product, but lateley he’s been more into drawing figures and even attempting letters. On the left, he did all of these on his own, but when I saw how adorably his B’s were (top left) I helped him practice the neatly drawn one on the tip middle/right.000 Bens drawings

Doodle board (at daycare) and dominos (John’s creation). Ben has been obsessed with making various formations to act out football games and marching band shows with dominoes lately. Interesting kid…

000Ben Dominos

Ben had his first day of underwear (only 2-3 hours of the day really). Two accidents and no successful pee-ing/poo-ing on the potty, but he seemed excited about the underwear and the two episodes of peeing on the floor (hardwood, thank goodness, not carpet) was a good learning experience for him. Hopefully more of these weekend days of big boy undies will help him be better at recognizing when he needs to go and building motivation to get to the potty… right now, it seems he’s a long way from being potty trained.

000 Ben undies



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