Welcome to the world, Eleanor Jane!

Our little Miss Eleanor Jane Meixner was born at 7:30am on June 13, 2016 at 7lbs, 8oz, just an ounce heavier than her big brother. We are calling her Nora (and Eleanor). Hearing Ben say his sister’s full name, Eleanor, is pretty adorable though.

I’ll detail her full birth story on here soon, but for now–what an amazing baby she is! Now that she’s almost 3 weeks old, she’s still a great napper and feeder. She had her 2 week weight check yesterday and gained quite a bit, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz already. I’m not surprised because she’s eating every 2.5-3 hours around the clock and likes to take her time with long, drawn-out sleepy feeds so she gets every last drop of milk. It’s quite difficult to keep her awake. And overnight, she usually has pretty low-key nights waking for feeds and going back to sleep. Sometimes she can be fussy, especially early morning and mid-evening, but overall she’s pretty easy to soothe.

Ben is an incredible big brother. He is very attuned to sweet Nora’s needs. He likes to pet her on the head, rock her in her bouncer, hold her hand, tell us when she is crying, and show her what he is up to when he plays. He is a great help bringing us things we need for her (more diapers! more wipes! pacifier! ….always something, especially when I’m nursing!) He’s been quite a trooper through her birth, and our MOVE!

We moved when Nora was 6 days old. Yes. Insane. Luckily, I have the greatest family and my mom (along with John, of course) packed our whole condo up in just a few days before the move, while I nursed and recovered. And then unpacked almost all of it here on this end as well. I was able to stay pretty relaxed and stress-free, despite the chaos around us. (Except for that one night when my milk came in on Nora’s 3rd day of life… my hormones plummeted and I couldn’t stop crying for nearly 2 hours. But we won’t discuss that again. ;))

Other than that, we’ve been just going with the flow and thanking people a lot for all their support….here goes this list:   MY MOM!!! (I can’t possibly detail all the ways she has helped).  My brother Patrick who helped us load and lift heavy stuff, my dad who helped in so many little ways in those first few days (cooking, shopping, holding Nora, and take care of Ben & Toby, etc.), John’s mom who brought Nora so many clothing and other baby items and unpacked our basement and helped us finally relax when most of the boxes were unloaded, John’s dad who made Ben a very happy grandson for a few days entertaining him with his “helicoptelers” (drones), Rachel and Steve who brought over delicious lasagna recently, Katy (and Em!) who showered Nora with adorable clothes and a yummy quiche, and Ben’s family at Little Folks who have been keeping him busy having a blast so far this summer, especially through the days of chaos before and after the move. And shout outs to those that visited and/or showered us with gifts for Nora–Megan, Rachel, Galina, Erika who came by to visit in the hospital, Uncle Nate & Aunt Loren, Uncle Andy & Aunt Monica, Tom, Joanna, & Oli…. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone…(so sorry if that’s you!)   THANK YOU!

Now for some of this adorable new-baby goodness…

Eleanor-Backyard Eleanor-Square Eleanor-Headbands IMG_9699 IMG_9693

We love her to pieces already!



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