Napping Nora

Nora is 3 weeks old now. And she is still the chillest baby. She rarely cries and still naps pretty much all day and night. This weekend we were out and about doing all kinds of things, with little Napping Nora tagging along. On Friday, she napped away during a pedicure and a happy hour with some girlfriends… on Saturday she slept through a long hike through the Arb followed by dinner at Frita Batidos…. on Sunday she slept the evening away at our friends’ house while we enjoyed a nice dinner out on the grill followed by a great backyard campfire… and yesterday she nodded off all afternoon and evening when we had a big group of friends over for a Fourth of July backyard BBQ to warm up the new house.  Add to that several sleepy shopping trips and other errands… So it was a very busy weekend, yet she remained the easiest, most low-maintenance baby I can ever imagine. I think she thrives on activity… the hustle and bustle that have been around her since birth have her trained quite well.

Nora-June 16

In other news, Ben is rocking at life too. He had his 3yo doctor appointment and held his ground at 95th percentile for height and weight. He passed all the tests with flying colors and whispered all of his answers to the NP’s questions in his adorable, shy-guy fashion. In the morning, before his appointment, he asked: “Do they still have the horse rocker?  ..the sticker basket?” and “Will it hurt?”  Amazing what a memory he has since he hasn’t been to the doctor in over 6 months since his last flu shot!

Ben-June 16

Ben continues to be a great big brother:

College friends re-united, with the second generation of boys in tow:


Nora’s first Fourth of July!



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