Drowning in Laughter

I have not documented milestones well for Eleanor. I can’t even recall if I did it that well for Benjamin when I was actually home with him for his first year (though I guess I did blog about his babyhood quite a bit…) Gone are the days of the baby book where each of the little minion’s feats are meticulously recorded in ink. Do some parents still do that?

Despite not being good about tracking these, the milestone of laughter is one that I take extra pause to savor. It happened three nights ago (Nora is 5.5 months now). It was a moment of such joy in our house that everything else important in life was forgotten.

I’m constantly guilty of multi-tasking–even during times of relaxation–my brain rarely stops running, but the thing I love about laughter is that it catches you off guard, stops you in your tracks, and then it’s impossible to focus on anything else. It forces you to just go in whatever direction it leads. And then, when you laugh for so long and can’t catch your breath, and you your cheek muscles start to hurt, and you discover new abdominal muscles that you forgot existed….it just feels like the meat of life.

Raising tiny humanoids often feels like its demands will outpace all reserves… For a rather dramatic analogy, it’s like treading water in a vast ocean that seems to have no beginning or end, with your head barely above the crashing waves, and at all times you are gasping with your last breath: “Where will more energy come from?” But then there is always a life preserver…an unexpected moment of laughter, a hug, a new word, a silly moment. They materialize from nowhere amidst the chaotic storm and give you rest and confidence to ride out the next storm.

And you also remember that drowning in laughter (or cuddles and kisses) would be the sweetest,  most satisfying of deaths anyhow.



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