I’m a freshly minted M1 (medical student) and mama to a curious and cuddly one-year-old.  Hello, coffee.

I lucked out on a pretty cool husband. We make a deadly duo when we team up to outwit toddler tantrums.

Our fourth family member is a very immature, but lovable two-year-old dog, Toby.  He does hilarious things and is hands-down the best furry friend for Ben, despite his incurable jealousy at not being the center of attention 24/7.


Thank you for stopping by to say hello and read/see updates on life. I am truly blessed beyond measure with the support of an unbeatable family and the dearest of friends, old and new. I would not be here without all of you.


OK…details, details! me me me me.

For two years I “(Taught) for America” in Chicago’s roughest high school. You might have heard of it recently on This American Life.

Then for four more years I worked relentlessly at Chicago’s #1 non-selective high school. We created a pretty innovative health science program and oh so many memories!

When I started this blog, I had deferred medical school (at the greatest school ever) for one year.

So I took a year off to spend time with our little Benjamin and to work part-time publishing our UICCP health science curriculum. Yay!

For those of you who have visiting my little corner of the interwebs for awhile, you may remember this blog as ‘b’more hardcore.’  We said bye-bye to b’more and are now back in a-squared. So many transitions, so little time to blog.  BUT I’M BACK!  And I figured that it was time to update the blog title.  Rather than beat my head against a wall trying to be creative, I quickly (re)-named the blog after the two items in my Amazon order: scrubs and sippy cups. I think it pretty much sums up this new, crazy life.

PS: Thank you Amazon-Prime. You save many more lives than I ever will.


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